Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Some Ideas for Activation

Actvities to Activate
  1. Try to leave at least half an hour of time at the end of a class activity each month. Use this time to visit or do something for someone who couldn't attend your activity. Bring the whole class with you. You can take a miss matched sock and leave a note for them that states: It stinks when you don't come. Follow the Spirit, but let them know that if they decide to come there will be familiar faces at Church and activities.
  2. Home made makeovers. Get someone who knows what they're doing with hair, nails or makeup. Have them share a few tips and then have all the girls partner up with someone to do manicures. Talk about the real beauty of being a Daughter of God.
  3. If you have a monthly calander, pass it out during a Presidency Meeting in the car. The rest of the meeting is held in the car as the other calanders are passed out to the girls in the class. We have done this with the Laurels and ended by singing Christmas Songs on a front porch in July.

Add to the list of things that have worked for your Young Women's Group.

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